Uilleam MacRieve (pronounced OOl-EEum) is a Lykae and cousin to the king. He is twin brother to Munro MacRieve and together they are often referred to as Hot and Hotter, a nickname they dislike.

When Uilleam found his mate, Chloe Todd, as they had agreed, Munro ceded the ownership of Conall Keep and lairdship of the MacRieve clan. Uilleam is known as MacRieve because of this.

Before the Series Began Edit

When he was 9 years old, Macrieve was seduced by the succubus Lady Ruelle and subsequently envenomed by her strew. Not having sex with her for too long (often just a few days) would make him feel as though his bones were shattering so Lady Ruelle's abuse of Macrieve continued for three years. When his parents found out about the succubus abusing their son, his mother went to Ruelle's cottage to kill her but she was instead murdered by another of Ruelle's victims who was defending Ruelle. MacRieve's father killed both Ruelle and the vampire lover; he died in battle a short time later.

This experience affected MacRieve powerfully, leaving him with an extreme dislike of succubae. He also was unable to perform sexually without his beast, a self-defense mechanism from when he was younger that was caused by Ruelle's venom. Macrieve also does not have sex with the same person more than twice for fear of being envenomed again.

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