The Møriør. The Bringers of Doom. They’re bogeymen, ones you never even knew to be terrified of. Nightmares made flesh. Imagine having one’s bones pulverized. Their wasteland realm approaches. Inside their castle . . . monsters and devils. A dragon who could burn the world. A poisonous bane who slips into your secret fantasies. A malevolent demon risen from hell. They’re bent on enslaving us all.” She laughed. “Though it sounds terribly fun and exciting, the Undoing is anything but. He’ll soon have us all in the palm of his hand. He says worlds are like glass spheres. When he handles them, he leaves his mark. Sometimes only the faintest smudge.” Her expression grew vicious, her voice rising to a shriek: “Other times, he obliterates—them—back—to—sand !

Each has such fabled abilities. Together they attain synchronicity. On a battlefield, if interconnected, they will win. But if we can’t defeat them, we can appease them.”
Nïx The Ever Knowing,

The Møriør are a group of immortals led by Orion the Undoing. They are believed to be the cause of doomsday by many although they call themselves The Bringers of Doom, claiming that another causes the destruction and they merely attempt to warn the inhabitants of a realm first.

Book of Lore Entry

In the tongue of the Elserealms, Møriør can mean both ‘The Dozen’ and ‘Soul’s Doom.’

  • An alliance of otherworldly beings led by Orion the Undoing.
  • Have seized control of most planes of existence.
  • Have journeyed to our world for reasons unknown.

Known Members Edit

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