Sebastian Wroth was a human nobleman and answered the call to defend his homeland of Estonia during the Great Northern War. He grew to his height very quickly and as a result was quite clumsy for a time, the reputation for clumsiness and his own shy nature meant he was spectacularly unsuccessful with women in his mortal life.

A brilliant scholar and excellent fighter, he and his brother Conrad were dispached to defend their home of Blachmount when it became clear they couldn't win the war. Upon returning home they found the inhabitants dying of plague.

This didn't stop a band of Russian soldiers from attacking and mortally wounding him and Conrad. Nikolai and Murdoch his older brothers, newly turned into Vampires discovered them and Nikolai turned him against his protests.

Sebastian had a strong core of honor and believed that it was better to die with honor than live with dishonor. He went to one of the holding he had won in the war which was located in Russia and lived out the next three centuries there. He only left upon meeting Kaderin the Cold Hearted who blooded him.

He competed in the Talisman's Hie and won Thrane's Key which he used to save Kaderin and her blood triplet sisters Dasha and Rika.

After tracking down his brother Conrad, and attempting to rehabilitate him he and his other brothers Murdoch and Nikolai were held in prison by Kristoff their King until they turned him over. They were freed by Conrad who wanted help to find his Bride's grave. Kristoff forgave them for their transgression when he saw that Conrad was not beyond saving.

He is married to his Bride Kaderin the Cold Hearted.