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Title Nïx The Ever Knowing, Nucking Futs Nïx

Goddess of Accession (pending council decision)

Species Valkyrie
House Valkyrie
Faction Vertas
Age Approx. 3000 years old
Family Annika (Half-Sister)
Myst the Coveted (Half-Sister)
Daniela the Ice Maiden (Half-Sister)
Kaderin the Cold Hearted (Half-Sister)
Lucia the Huntress (Half-Sister)
Reginleit the Radiant (Half-Sister)
Cara the Fair (Half-Sister)
Furie (Half-Sister)
Holly the Bright (Niece)
Emma of the Three (Niece)
First Appearance The Warlord Wants Forever
Last Appearance MacRieve

Nïx the Everknowing is the first Valkyrie made by Woden and Freya and therefore the most powerful Valkyrie. She is over 3,000 years old and was born "Phenïx". She was once betrothed to Loki.

She is a soothsayer and has gone mad from all the visions that she has seen. Her mind is more in the future than in the present, and has earned her the nickname Nucking Futs Nïx. She offers boons to all creatures of The Lore for them to find out their future, for a price.

Nïx is very much involved with the Accession and created the Vertas army, the allied factions of the Lore with better intentions.

Nïx also has very much to do with creatures of the Lore finding their mate, fated one or Bride. She steers them into the right direction. She has had a hand in bringing together her niece, Emmaline Troy and Lachlain MacRieve, Reginleit the Radiant and Declan Chase, King Rydstrom and Sabine, Queen of Illusions, Carrow Graie and Malkom Slaine, and many others.

Lately the strain of steering the Accession and juggling possible futures has left her farther from sanity and ragged. Thought by many to be trying to obtain Goddess status due to her age and strength.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Black waist length hair
  • Amber colored eyes.

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