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Phenix, better known as Nïx the Ever-Knowing or Nucking Futs Nix is the primordial Valkyrie of Woden and Freya or proto-Valkyrie as she deemed herself; firstborn and at least the oldest one living of her particular species, and therefore the most powerful Valkyrie. She is over 3,000 years old and it is revealed in the book "Lothaire" that her real name is Phenix. She was once betrothed to Loki.

As a Valkyrie, she possesses the courage of her mortal mother, Woden's wily brilliance and Freya's mirth and impossible beauty. She takes sustenance from the electrical energy of the earth, and gives it back with her emotions in the form of lightning.  She also inherited Woden's arrogance and Freya's acquisitiveness.  As a primordial of her species, she can control lightning, and has learned to manipulate it and wields it as her weapon if she chooses.  She also possesses preternatural strength and speed.

She is a wish giver and a soothsayer (she prefers predeterminationally-abled) who sees the future more clearly than the present, and has gone mad from all the visions that she has seen. This has earned her the nickname Nucking Futs Nïx. Lore held that she is one of the most powerful oracles ever to live. She is also very close to goddesshood. In the book "Sweet Ruin" Nix says of herself, "I am Phenix, soon to be Goddess of Accessions."  She offers boons to all creatures of The Lore for them to find out their future, for a price.

Nïx is very much involved with the Accession and created the Vertas army, the allied factions of the Lore with better intentions.

Nix has a wicked sense of humour, and she loves wearing T-shirts with funny sayings on them.  She also has a pet bat named Bertil.

Nïx also has very much to do with creatures of the Lore finding their mate, fated one or Bride. She steers them into the right direction. She has had a hand in bringing together her niece, Emmaline Troy and Lachlain MacRieve, Reginleit the Radiant and Declan Chase, King Rydstrom and Sabine, Queen of Illusions, Carrow Graie and Malkom Slaine, and many others.

Lately the strain of steering the Accession and juggling possible futures has left her farther from sanity and ragged. Thought by many to be trying to obtain Goddess status due to her age and strength.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Raven-haired
  • Amber colored eyes (Golden)
  • Preternaturally beautiful.

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