Nikolai Wroth was a human, Estonian nobleman during The Great Northern War. He took up the responsibility of a general and he and his brothers tried to protect the country. They lost but he drew the attention of Kristoff the Gravewalker Forbearer King and claimant to the Horde throne. Kristoff turned Nikolai, who turned his brother Murdoch. Nikolai bargained with Kristoff as he was dying receiving a generalship in the Forbearer army and time to watch over his mortal family.

When he and Murdoch returned to their home Blachmount, they found their brothers Sebastian and Conrad dying of wounds sustained from defending against Russian soldiers and their sisters dying of the plague. He and Murdoch turned their brothers against their wills and tried to turn their sisters. When they awoke Sebastian and Conrad left and Nikolai didn't see them for centuries.

Nikolai fought for Kristoff for many years before meeting his Bride Myst after taking Mt. Oblak Castle. Myst left him blooded but not sated for five years until he tracked her down in New Orleans. They made a home in Blachmount.

After tracking down his brother Conrad, and attempting to rehabilitate him he and his other brothers Murdoch and Sebastian were held in prison by Kristoff their King until they turned him over. They were freed by Conrad who wanted help to find his Bride's grave. Kristoff forgave them for their transgression when he saw that Conrad was not beyond saving.

He is married to his Bride Myst the Coveted.

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