Nereus is the God of the Oceans and never leaves his realm. He enjoys a party, as long as he's the one in control, and loves women. He is currently in control of Furie, Queen of the Valkyrie.

In every Hie, there is a task that can only be completed with Nereus' assistance. His usual request is for sex, something the audience finds amusing since he is known to be over-endowed.

Nereus first appeared in Lothaire but was mentioned as early as in No Rest for the Wicked

During the SeriesEdit

In Lothaire, Lothaire goes to him to receive his boon, asking for Ash Vines.

When Lanthe and Thronos are dumped into his realm he celebrates that Lothaire didn't want to take any of his children. He traps them, taking a lock of hair Nix gave Lanthe and attempts to bed her while his nymphs enchant Thronos. It fails and he lets them go.

When Morgana brings Skye Hall down as per a prior agreement with Nix, he brings forth a Tsunami to hide the immortal's actions. He was convinced by Lanthe that Morgana was interested in him and is reported to have sent her a gift basket.

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