Néomi Laress was a famous prima ballerina. Her French mother raised her above the burlesque bar she worked in. Néomi herself was a burlesque dancer for a short period after her mother's death.

At the age of 26 on the night of her triumph in her home Elancourt, she was killed by her former fiancee, Louis Robicheaux. She returned as a ghost haunting her former home of Elancourt and was unable to leave. Néomi could affect the weather with her emotions and can move matter telekinetically.

On a suggestion from Nix, the Wroth brothers bought Elancourt to use to rehabilitate their brother Conrad. During this time Néomi formed a connection with Conrad. After he left Elancourt, Néomi calls Mariketa and is embodied, becoming alive once more for a short time. While alive Néomi lives with Conrad and falls in love.

She is once more killed, this time by accident, Cadeon Woede was aiming for the Dream Demon, Tarut who used her body as a shield. Néomi is resurrected making her a a rare and powerful Phantom, with the help of Mariketa.

She is the Bride of Conrad Wroth.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Five feet tall
  • Jet black hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Looks as she did when she was murdered

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