Declan Chase is the fourth reincarnation of the Berserker warrior Aiden the Fierce. He is the mate to Regin the Radiant, although he initially does not remember their experiences together in any of their past lives. He and Regin serve as the main couple for the novel, Dreams of a Dark Warrior.

Before the Series Edit

In his current form Declan was born in Ireland. As a boy he was visited by Nix, who gave him a Woden necklace for him. He grew up with the sense that something was missing in his life and became addicted to heroin in an attempt to fill the void. He also used to help control his "unusal" rages.

He returned home one day and his family was attacked by Neoptera. His parents and brother were killed, but he was rescued by The Order, and joined up with Preston Webb, where he excelled at tactics and fighting.

During the Series Edit

Declan began to question his rigid beliefs on Loreans when he started speaking to Regin whom he captured. When the facility was breached by La Dorada he joined up with Regin, Brandr, Natalya, Lothaire and Thaddeus Brayden to escape the island.

He was able to overcome his brainwashing in regards to the Lore, although Regin initially refused to have anything to do with him.

After a battle Regin kisses him, bringing back his memories of his past lives, but Declan's personality is stronger than the other reincarnations and he remains the dominant personality.

Declan has been granted ohalla, and is an immortal Berserker.

Declan and Regin are married and will have some children.