Daniela, the Ice Queen is Valkyrie, born of an Icere Fey mother she is immune to the hypnotising effects of glittering gems, but vulnerable to "thermal shock". Born the heir of Svana the Bold, Queen of the Icere Fey she was hunted by Sigmund, her mother's fated mate and murderer.

Before the SeriesEdit

Daniela was a fierce member of her coven while they lived in cold climes, but is hunted by Sigmund. She is captured by a Roman who plans to sell her and tortures her with the heat of his skin. She is rescued by Myst.

When her coven moved to Val Hall in New Orleans from Russia, she went with them hoping to hind from Sigmund's assassins in the heat.

During the SeriesEdit

The night that Nikolai Wroth and Myst are reunited, Daniela runs into Murdoch Wroth, while attempting to avoid some assassins.

Murdoch saves her and she bloods him. Dani helps Murdoch's attempts to find Ivo the Cruel. Murdoch takes her to his home in Siberia, and she decides to live there.

Danii eventually discovers her Cyromancy and signals her location to Jadian the Cold, who takes her to Icergard and she is coronated the Icere queen after Jadian killed Sigmund.

Pleased to be among her people Dani was however lonely and when Murdoch found her she abdicated in favor of Jadian to live with Murdoch.

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