Caspion is a Death Demon and bounty hunter. After growing up in poverty, he became recognised as a skilled tracker, and another bounty hunter gave him his name, comparing him to a Caspion tiger.

Heis Queen Bettina's best friend. A ladies man and a skilled killer, he met Mirceo at a brothel, the two quickly became fast friends. Sensing a connection between them, Mirceo invited him into the Land of Blood and Mist to meet his sister Kosmina on the suspicion that their connection was as fated brothers-in-law. This was untrue and after a fight Caspion escaped back into the human realm and was tracked back to Abaddon by Trehan Daciano .

Caspion competed in a tournament to wed Bettina and become king of the Death Demons. He made it to the final rounds of the competition but was beaten by Trehan. Because Trehan and Bettina had a falling out, Caspion was named victor by default. He did not marry Bettina though, giving her full control of herself and the kingdom.

He returned from the Plane of Lost Years after spending 500 years there. Due to the time dilation, Mirceo met him on his first night out as he attempted to prevent Caspion from entering the Plane of Lost Years. Much stronger due to his age and the kills he had achieved Caspion was able to crack a Stone Demon's skin in stone form.

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