Bettina the Queen of Hearts is half demoness/half Sorceri and mate to Trehan Daciano of Daci, the realm of Blood and Myst. She is the ward of Morgana, the Queen of Sorceri, and Raum, the unofficial leader of Abaddon. She is the princess of Abaddon and is forced into a competition for her hand that will decide who her king will be. Bettina was savaged by Vrekeners and left "soulless," her root power stolen from her by Aristo, the king of Skye Hall. Bettina is in love with her best friend Caspian the Tracker. She suffers from Vrekener PTSD and is terrified to be out by herself in the open.

Bettina is a master at crafting gold into weaponry and is business partners with Sabine Woede and Salem .

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