I thought gold was the most precious and beautiful thing on earth. Until I met him.
Princess Bettina of Abbadon,
Kingdom of the Deathly Ones
Bettina the Queen of Hearts is half Death Demoness/half Sorceri and mate to Trehan Daciano. Her Sorceri power is to make a being's heart stop.

She was the ward of Morgana, the Queen of Sorceri, and Raum, the unofficial leader of Abaddon, after her parents' deaths.

Bettina is a master at crafting gold into weaponry disguised as jewellery and has partnered in business with Sabine and Salem.

During the series Edit

Before the events of Shadow's Claim, Bettina was attacked savagely by a group of Vrekeners, while in the human realm where she is at college studying Design. The attack left her "soulless" as her root power was stolen from her by one of the Vrekener, revealed in Dark Skye, to have been Aristo, the King of Skye Hall. She only survives because her uncle summons her demon side, away from the attack.

The attack leaves Bettina without her root power to defend herself and suffering from PTSD after the attack. She is afraid to go out into the open where she cannot see the sky, especially in places where she believes Vrekener would be able to hide nearby for her.

Her godparents promise her vengeance and her power returned to her if she agrees to become the prize for a tournament of fights to the death. They both know at the time that they will be unable to provide these due to the difficulty of Vrekener hiding on Skye Hall. The winner of the tournament will become Bettina's husband and her king. The night before the tournament she attempts to avoid it by giving up her virginity (which is required by the contest) to her best friend and crush Caspion the Tracker. Trehan Daciano finds her as he searches for Caspion after he has left Dacia, which is not allowed for outsiders, discovering she is his Bride.