Balery the Hag - A fey veneficin, trained courtesan and oracle.

Cursed by Omort the Deathless to appear as an old hag as punishment for an unplesant foretelling and forced to work for him until his death. After Omort was killed she regained her beautiful appearance and her foresight ability. More recently works for Lothaire the Enemy of Old. Runs an apothecary shop.

Traits- Balery has brown hair and brown eyes but is described as a great beauty. Her ears are tipped due to her Fey heritage. Her skin is white but poisonous. With even the softest of touches the person is immediately poisoned. They will experience the greatest agony ever known before dying. This is due to Balery being fed poison since she was a child. It eventually coated her skin and turned into a deadly weapon against anyone who decides to touch her. 

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